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Patty Pan - Farm Fresh Food

About Us

Patty Pan Cooperative is Seattle's oldest farmers' market concession. We've been selling hot, ready to eat food at farmers' markets since 1997, when there were only two neighborhood markets in the city. We have been fortunate to be part of the local foods movement as it has grown and thrived.

We currently vend at 14 Seattle-area markets during the summer season, as well as several that run all winter. Our menu features tamales with homemade salsas and grilled vegetable quesadillas whose ingredients change with the seasons. We source most of our staples from the farmers who are our friends and neighbors at the markets.

In addition to our regular farmers' market gigs, we host Humble Feast community dinners at our neighborhood kitchen in Shoreline, and we set up our grills at special events — especially festivals focused on sustainability and local foods. We cater private parties as well, anything from cooking quesadillas and tamales on site in your backyard to designing personalized menus to meet your specific needs.

Patty Pan News

We recently concluded a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising funds to buy equipment and start making our own tortillas, using local, organic, whole grain flour! If everything goes as planned, we'll have them available at the markets by early February. In the meantime, check out our video.

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Market Schedule

We vend at farmers markets all over town! Check out our Market Booth schedule.

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What's New?

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